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Nihon Goshin Aikijujutsu
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Pine Bush, NY 12566

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The Martial Way is a budo based aikijujutsu school in Orange County, NY. We teach aikjujutsu according to its martial arts roots in budo. Our classes [ CLASSES & FEES] are held in our Pine Bush dojo located at 90 Main Street, Pine Bush, NY.

What is Aikijujutsu? Aikijujutsu is a collection of techniques and principles developed and practiced by many Japanese Ryu (schools). It is the root of many contemporary martial arts. In it you will find the balance breaking principles found in aikido (centered circular motion), the joint locks and manipulation of jujutsu, and the striking techniques of karate.

What does "budo based" mean? It means that we approach the art within the guidelines of warriorship. There are no competitons; there are no trophies; this is not a "sport." The main goal of our art is to defend ourselves from a physical attack. This requires that we do whatever is necessary to achieve that goal. Many other "martial arts" (Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Judo for example) have devolved into sports where scoring points is the goal. What scores points in competiton will probably not save you from an attacker that does not play by the same rules.

"We must realize that aikijujutsu is a martial art, not a performance art. Aikidoka often demonstrate with beautiful flowing technique, but bushido (the way of the warrior) demands that technique be effective and efficient. Survival depends on it!"
-- Sensei Licata --

Serving the Hudson Valley NY, easily accessible from Dutchess County, Ulster County, and Orange County NY.

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